Explore The Beautiful Beaches Of Karnataka

If we talk about beach destination, the first name that comes to mind is Goa. But if we look at it, the beaches of Goa are filled with tourists for most of the year, due to which it becomes very difficult to enjoy.

Today we will know about one such place which is perfect for beach lovers. This is Karwar city of Karnataka. About which very few people know. The most special thing about this city is that you can come here and enjoy all three types of travel – beach, forest and historical buildings. Let us know about it.

Devbagh Beach is located just 4 km from the city. Green and dense trees enhance its beauty. This beach is known for its clear blue water. Whether you feel like relaxing on the beach or having some adventure, this place is best in both respects. You will also find many resorts and cottages to stay on the beach.

Rabindranath Tagore Beach is also known as Karwar Beach. The beauty of this beach is different in the evening. Apart from exploring the beauty of the beach, one can also enjoy the musical fountain, toy train and fish house here.

Kodibag is the most popular beach here. Crowds of locals and tourists can be seen on this beach from morning till evening. If you are fond of adventure, then there are many activities available for you on this beach. This beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Karnataka.

Majli village is situated just 10 kilometers away from Karwar city. The beach on which this village is situated is called Majali Beach. You will find many beautiful cottages and resorts on this beach. By coming here you can enjoy many activities like swimming, kayaking, paddling, trekking etc.